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Thread: Dizenzo's raw program: incline = delt killer

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    Dizenzo's raw program: incline = delt killer

    I been following Vincent Dizenzo's raw bench program for a month now:
    Today I worked up to a solid single on the incline bench and my shoulder can't keep up. I get a sharp pain feeling on my right delt. I can incline with moderate weight @70-80% for reps but heavy singles are out of the game. How should I incorporate incline benching? Should I squeeze them in on DE or ME days? What type of sets/reps format?

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    not my program, I have never seen it or done it, and im not as experienced as the creator.

    But you coud probably just do a rep workout when incline comes around.

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    Try a different ME exercise. Be creative. Decline, close grip, pause press, ultra wide, all band press, rack lockout, etc. The whole point is just to change it up so you are not chasing the same number on the same exercise week after week. Plus changing it up will attack some different muscles.

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