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Thread: Dinking day before workout

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    Dinking day before workout

    ok so my friend drinkin 8 cans of fosters and goin to drink bodyfortress milk & egg protien shake in morning? this bad or good? i respect my friend loads and dont want him to do nothing dat he says hes going to have beans on toast with a body fotres egg and milk protien shake...
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    he is going to have bodyfotress egg & milk protien shake with beans on toast hour before work out and same shake after workout

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    Drinking is detrimental to your body in almost every way possible. That doesn't exclude lifting. If your friend was serious about lifting/bodybuilding, he wouldn't be drinking 8 cans of Foster's.
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    a few beers won't hurt you..but **** canning yourself will definately affect EVERYTHING the next day.. rules to drinking when lifting.

    1. don't..heavily
    2. repeat

    dude i'm not going to lie.. i love some coors light but I never drink more than a couple anymore and if i'm ever sore I DAMN sure don't drink because it has so many negative effects on the healing and recovery process that it's lifting suicide.

    if you're lifting the next day and want the most out of the workout then no drinking..

    i do know of some big strong mofo's that drink beer by the case and pack down the pizzas with no problems..but there are mutants all around us. just look at the journals lol
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    8 fosters for one man, is a wine cooler for another - no one is the same, if he feels fine and his lifts dont suffer, he'll live
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