I was searching around last night after getting pissed off that I'm still stuck at benching 225 in my 5x5. I even took a week off thinking I was burned out and I dropped 10lbs and worked my way back up to 225 but I still only got 5-5-5-4-3 in my workout. I'll give it one more week before I try the following:

-5-4-3-2-1 sets, then try to get one more rep next session and so on, leading up to a full 5x5

-Skip 225 and throw 230 on and try a 5x5 with that for a few weeks

-Micro plates so each week is only a few pounds more regardless if I finish a full 5x5 or not

I got stuck at 205 for weeks last time, I don't really remember how I got through it and had so much ease getting up to where I am now, but I remember trying floor and pin presses and having them not really work that well for getting by the wall. Maybe I just need to relax and give it some time, but I really thought I'd be closer this time. I mean 220 last week was relatively easy in my 5x5, and I put two 45s on each side and it sucks, it makes me think my weights aren't accurate and maybe my 45s weigh more than that.

And before you tell me to eat more, I'm actually gaining some weight currently, up to an all time high of 174lbs. I'm also currently taking creatine which seemed to help me get by the last time, maybe it's time for a break from it?