I seemed to have either strained or tore my sartorius, but I can't figure out how. There was no "event" that I can point to and say "that's when I hurt it."

The pain is very sharp right at top where the muscle attaches to my hip bone.

It doesn't hurt when I squat or deadlift.
It hurts when I walk, worse when I run.
If I do anything that pushes my hip forward or my leg backward from the hip, it's very sharp.

There is also some slight "pulling" pain on the inside of my right knee at those times. At first I thought it was a quad injury, but I think that I am able to do squats and deadlifts pain-free rules that out.

It's gotten progressively worse as time passes and I was considering going to have an MRI later this week if it does not improve.

Anyone ever had/heard of this type of injury before? It's new to me.