Hey guys,

By chance I've come across a real powerlifting gym, complete with all of the high tech equipment (i.e. monolift, GHR, Reverse Hyper, Prowler, every type of bar you can think of, bands, boards, chains...the works), and many people who are much stronger than me. This gym is about an hour away and I have no issues with traveling and paying the daily fee to train there. However, here is my dilema:

I usually train DE Squat/DL on Friday and ME Bench on Saturday. Saturdays would probably be the only day I could manage to make it up there due to my schedule with work, my wife, and my involvement in my church on Sundays.

Would it be too much to train both DE Squat/DL and ME Bench in one day? I wouldn't do it normally, but I don't have access to anywhere close to this amount of equipment or experience/knowledge at any other time and I would hate to miss out on it. Then again, I don't want to do too much and compromise one lift for the other. What do you guys think? I appreciate your time and advice. Thanks in advance, guys!