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Thread: Puking on leg day

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    Puking on leg day

    I got this problem with my quad day (I have a seperate day for quads and for hamstrings/low back where I do stuff like deads and SLDL on one and squats/quad movements on the other b/c I feel doing deadlifts on two different days causes overtraining). I will start off with heavy squats for like 3 sets of 4 to 6 stopping at the last rep I can get up without failing, then I will move to leg press, and after 3 heavy sets of 6 to 10 going to the last rep I can get without failing for 500+ lbs I puke everywhere.

    I look hardcore as **** doing this... But at the same time I think puking up every leg day is counterproductive cuz it sets me back so far behind in my eating.

    Any ideas how I can fix this?
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    don't eat so close to your workout.

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    What do you eat before, and how long before?

    Look up my past threads. When I joined WBB I created a thread very similar to yours.
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    I ate something like two hours before my workout today and I still ended up puking.

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    thats the wierdest thing.

    do you take a good rest between squats and press?
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    Are you taking too much water? If not, how much are you getting?
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    I usually stop by the water fountain after each set and chill for a couple minutes. It's weird because the only time this happens is during the leg press. I will finish the leg presses and then take a rest break. It's happened like twice now, always after leg press. I will feel fine for a few minutes and then all of the sudden I realize that I'm so exhausted that I'm gonna vomit.

    Sucks b/c I am training at this ****ty gym (no ****ing power rack and fat people working there bitching at me for dropping weights 1 foot) until I can get back to my college gym which is decent and the bathroom is on the other side of the gym so I had to puke in front of everybody.
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    drop the leg press, it's probably putting pressure on your diaphram sp. Sorta like Heimlich sp manuever. Do some lunges or something that isn't putting a lot of pressure on your stomach and chest. I noticed having heartburn after benching with a belt or leg press.

    If you love the leg press, try lowering the seat to it's lowest point this will increase your rom and imo is the best way to use the leg press.., and make sure you don't rebound your thighs off your chest rib area. bring it down slow and stop a inch above the chest rib area.
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