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Thread: Island Heroes Strongman Competition 2008

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    Island Heroes Strongman Competition 2008

    Some of you may remember the strongman competition I did last summer. Well I did it again this summer. The website said to show up an hour early, so my dad and I caught the 12 o'clock boat to the island and went to the field, to see a few people sitting around, and half the implements set up. Kevin shows up with his girlfriend(?) and we sit around until about 1:45 when things get rolling. There's this guy at my work who calls me the world's strongest man and he's been so excited to see this, he's been waiting all summer, and he's nowhere to be seen. A guy I've trained with a few times shows up.

    Anyway, eventually things get rolling and we start with the log press. There are about half as many competitors as last year, but the average level of strength is higher. Some of the guys were getting 20+ reps in two minutes, I think I got about 8, but not all of them were counted (we'll see on the video). At one point I got it overhead and dropped it behind me, which must have been fun to watch.

    Next is the tire flip, and I only had like 5 minutes to rest compared to like an hour last year. I had done 600 a lot and 800 once in practice, but those were both high enough to push your chest into it and do it properly, this one was really low to the ground. So you basically had to deadlift it onto your leg. Anyway, because of the lack of rest and laziness on my part I got like 8 in two minutes, compared to 7 in one minute last year.

    Next up was farmers. I had practiced with farmers during the school year and a bit during the summer, but only straight lines with no turning. This was a 3 minute run over a course turning at each end, and the things swung like a mother****er. I think I got like 4 laps. It was tiring. Who the hell came up with 3 minute farmers.

    Finally was the rock lift, where you get 3 tries to lift it as high as possible. Last year I was fatigued and barely got it off the ground. This year I got it up to my knees the first try, up to my chest the second, and around my stomach on the third, so I was happy with that (no picture yet).

    So the main events end, I probably came last or second last but whatever, I went there to have fun. The final round was a sumo tournament, and Kevin was tied for fourth place and he wrestled a short stocky guy. He almost had him out of the ring, but then he grabbed the guy in a bear hug and the guy flipped him. The finals were between a giant fat guy ( who had just been dominating the events or something), and a well built mulatto man. The fat guy was stronger but he stepped out of the circle and got 2nd.

    Overall I had fun, but my laziness in training this summer really presented itself and I suffered. Vision1 did very well, kudos to him. More pics and video forthcoming. Here's the facebook album. Alex Klotz's Photos - Strongman 2008 | Facebook

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    Good read! Glad you enjoyed it.

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    Sounds like fun. Thanks for the post.

    It is currently a fad, at this writing, for boys to think they need a "six pack", although most of them don't have an ice chest to put it in.
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