When i look around, i see alot of you people and your incredible lifts. Let me tell you a low squat number can be extremely discouraging. To think that people can squat 300+ lbs more than me regularly or some even 500 lbs i start to realize just how much more weight and strength i need to gain. It seems like a so far out goal, so impossible to reach high numbers. I love squating, but when im busting my butt off trying to squat 185 which is just to parallel, 155 ATF i just want to quit. I hate training legs just because mine suck. And now im starting to do ATF only because its better for you, so i just dropped 30lbs which makes me feel even worse. You people amaze me, and inspire me but im stuck at what to do.
What if i did a 5 day routine, squated each day. and thats it. only squat, nothing else at all. would it help? i want to up these numbers. i eat a ton, i scarf down food at any chance. im at a loss.

but with this being said, if i cant squat 5 days a week then what about this?
Upper/Lower- using 7 exercises i chose.

Upper- bench, dips, OH press, bent rows, chinups
Lower- ATF squats, deadlift
day off
upper-bench, dips, OH press, bent rows, chinups
lower-ATF squats, deadlift
day off
day off

i want to see my squat fly, followed by deadlift. i want big numbers, one because it feels good, two because its good for you.

any coments appreciated...