I'm looking for a little advice on some shoulder exercises. I recently had surgery for a torn labrum and just got the ok to start hitting the shoulders with some substantial weight. The Dr. suggested I avoid overhead pressing unless I think it is absolutely necessary. I would like to continue with it, but obviously don't want to jack up my shoulder again.

Now for the questions. What is the proper form for overhead pressing? I've read the elbows should be in front of you, directly below the wrists and also read they should be flared to the sides. Which one would put the least amount of stress on the actual joint (I realize there will be some stress on the joint, just trying to limit it)? I have also read there is greater stress on the joint when the upper arms go below parallel to the floor. Any truth to this? Would I still reap the benefits with cutting the ROM that short?

I'm a little gun shy about doing upright rows, as they always caused a little shoulder pain. Maybe I'll try cleans. Any other suggestions?