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    Excellent.The fact that you recognize and understand what it takes means your on your way.Its not fun being in the gym all week and not seeing results,especially when everyone else is making gains.Bodybuilding/powerlifting is a journey.And with that journey comes wisdom.Ask anyone who's trained for a good amount of time and if they were asked if they could go back and do things different,they would all have something to say.For me,I would have trained less,not listened to Flex magazine for advice,asked more questions,trained with bigger/stronger people,and ate more food/protein.But you seem to have a good head on your shoulders and most important,your open to advice. Cheers.

    Yeah it's also quite funny to hear people say that all the big guys in the gym are on steroids...this other guy the other day told me that he quit going to the gym because of the all the Steroid users. I just thought to myself how can he make such a statement without proof? I mean yeah sure there is probably some guys that take steroids but he obviously doesn't realise the hard work put into bodybuilding.
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