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Thread: deadlift video

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    Damn, that sure looked easy! Your quads are huge, BTW.
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    your legs are F**KING HUGE!!!!!!! christ, amazing job
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    Nice quick work of the 660!

    How in the hell do you get that suit over your legs, LOL?

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    LOL did you break a sweat?

    I have to agree with the others, your legs are absolutly massive!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Moore View Post
    Nice quick work of the 660!

    How in the hell do you get that suit over your legs, LOL?
    exactly what i was thinking! i have a hard enough time and mine are half as big as yours. i hear thats a great suit by the way.
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    Thanks for the compliments everyone.
    The suit went on very easily actually, it was my first time in it. It is a custom from titan that I didn't get in time for Nationals.

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    If you want to see big quads look at the picture of him as a bodybuilder on his site!

    Great lifting Ryan! That looked easy!

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