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Thread: Knee Injury

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    Knee Injury

    Trying to get into see my sports medicine doc tmr sometime

    Playing b-ball - came down on my left heel, instead of my knee bending to absorb the impact, it flew back and locked up tight, my knee joint then proceeded to literally wiggle back and forth from side to side (strangest feeling ever) a few times before my knee gave out and I hit the floor - hurt like a bitch

    after some fist pounding on the floor, had to get the guys to help me to a bench, couldn't move it at first, can now

    leg does not want to straighten out, hurts when pressure is applied, taking it really easy, not testing the limits of the injury, seems to hurt on the sides of my knee (around where the MCL and LCL reside), not the front (yea for no ACL injury), swollen a god bit, slight constant pain as I type (happened about 1.5hrs ago)

    any thoughts on what may have happened from ppl with exp. in the field?

    thoughts on what I should be doing (cold, heat, elevated, etc.) ?

    thanks for the help!
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    Sounds like you sprained your knee, of course, you could have also loosened up some cartilage in their too *yummy*. All in all, injuries to the mcl and lcl are not as common and more often attributed to side impacts. They're not as easy to screw up as your acl.

    Still, go see your doctor... Take it easy, RICE it up! You might need some xrays/mri's to find out the real extent of your damage.
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