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Thread: Squats and Deadlifts prohibited as RE?

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    Squats and Deadlifts prohibited as RE?

    Was reading this:

    Noticed this on the second page:

    Louie told me specifically not to do RE squats or DLs because some important muscles will get built up while others won't --risk for injury. definitely start with a little less volume on the back muscles. other than that looks pretty good
    Could someone explain this better to me? Basically it sounds like he is saying you can't do any RE quad work. I mean you would think after doing GMs or SLDL or DL's as ME you might want to do some squats as RE assistance but I guess not?

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    it was a hard concept for me to grasp, as well. louie dosen't have his lifters do quad work. there is a video of him talking to some throwers and he explains this principle, i'll see if i can find it for you.
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    Anyone else know more about this?

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    I'm sure there will be arguments for both sides. But as Rhodes says, Mass moves Mass:

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    Dude, Louie is smart and a pioneer in powerlifting, but he is not God. Jim Wendler trained at Westside and Louie told him training quads was a waste. Jim Squatted 1000 and pulled 700 - not much of a waste. The quad is the biggest muscle in the body. You need to train it. There are 3 methods to building strength:

    1. Max Effort
    2. Dynamic Effort
    3. Repeated Effort

    Do some form of all 3 and you'll get bigger and stronger.

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    So is using squat variations and other quad dominant movements such as the leg press to directly work the quads through repeated effort not dangerous? If I did a couple sets of front squats or leg presses on DE squat day or whatever, is that fine?
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    There's nothing wrong with some repetition work after your max effort movement. I like doing some rep work on a pull movement after squatting and vice versa. Usually sets of 5 or so. Or do some reps instead of dynamic work once in a while.
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