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Thread: Fatman's 2.5 month progress

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    Fatman's 2.5 month progress

    So... this is not the first time I'm loosing weight. I've tried a total of 3 times on the course of the past 3-4 years... always becoming lazier and getting back to my past weight. Anyways, In the past it always has seemed that I've lost about 20 pounds in the duration of about 2 months, but I was pretty much starving myself. Nowadays, I don't starve myself no more... because I just get cranky and moody when im hungry. I started watching what I eat... I eat tuna, chicken, chicken breasts, different meats, and salmon. Along with various vegetables, and fruits. Before the bed( 1 hourish ) I started to eat cottage cheese and that seemed to get rid of my hunger temptation.

    Nowadays, I've lost 10 pounds give or take a few over the duration of 3 months. It's just the progress is slow and I am getting a little bit unmotivated... but not really. Just wanted to share my progress. No one of my family seemed to comment on anything. A buddy whom I work with has noticed my small weight loss... so that boosted my confidence.

    Anyways, This is my progress over the past 2.5 months. (The longest I have ever kept up was 3 months... after that I seem to loose myself) The biggest challenge is coming up in September when I'll be going back to university. At that time, I will need to find a balance where I can fit my daily routine into my academic life... which was the failure of mine in the past. So I am pretty scared of falling off the hourse.

    I think my wheels got the best out of these 2 months, the back is progressing nicely along with the shoulders. Pissed off that there is no change in the midsection of any type... but let's see in the next 3 months.

    Here are the pictures.

    EDIT: Pictures are on my pc now, for future comparison ^_^
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    What kind of working out do you do?

    You should try Rippetoes and on your off days running HIIT. You will burn fat to a point where your going to wanna stop :P.

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    What he said...
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    wow keep it up man im right behind you

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    great work, keep it up.

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    what is ur short/long term goal?

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    ay progress is progress. But as far as dieting i like ketosis diets they work most efficiently IMO. Ive tried and failed at many weight loss methods not because i didnt do it correctly but because they just didnt work for me until i ate to stay in ketosis. I lost 40 in 4 months from 200+ to 155.
    You should look into it. If your willing to put the time and effort you should at least do something that works, you know.
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