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Thread: What do you guys think of this plan?

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    What do you guys think of this plan?

    Mon chest:
    flat BP 5x5
    incline Dumbbell press 8x3
    flys 8x3

    Tues back:
    Dead lifts 8x4
    chin-ups 6x4 or faliure
    shrugs 10x2

    Weds legs:
    squat 8x4
    leg curls 10x4
    claf raises 10x4

    thrus chest:
    Flat BP 8x5
    incline Dumbell press 8x4
    flys 8x3

    Fri arms/shooulder:

    Dumbell curls 10x5
    barbell curls 10x5
    hammer curls 10x5

    Close grip bench 8x3
    skull crusher 8x3

    military press 8x3
    dumbell press 8x3

    My chest grows best when i hit them twice a week, I have tried both once and twice. should i make any changes?

    Lifting is my life

    I am 15
    @ 155 lbs

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    Shoulders 4 times a week, chest 2 times, back once and legs once?

    Not only is this horribly unbalanced with way more pushing than pulling, but your arms have more work on them than your legs and back combined.

    In itself this is bad enough as it is not likely to give you an aesthetic physique, but you also may injure yourself by causing a muscle imbalance somewhere along the line.

    Drop the flyes and shrugs and put chest and back together. Train them twice a week. Train legs twice a week. Put a rest day after every two days of training. You do NOT need 15 sets of curls (I'm assuming you put reps first and sets last...It's usually the other way around). I'd eliminate the direct bicep and tricep work altogether...maybe throw in a few sets of standing OHP after the chest/back work.

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    Alternate workouts over 3 days a week

    Alternate lifts with brackets from session to session.

    Workout 1 - Push

    Squat 3x5
    Squat Variant 3x8
    Flat Bench 3x5
    Dip 3x5/Incline DB Bench 3x8
    Military Press 3x5/DB Press 3x8
    CG Bench 3x5/Skullcrushers 3x8
    Standing Calves 3x5/Seated Calves 3x8

    Workout 2 - Pull

    Deadlift 1x5/Power Clean 3x5
    BB Row 3x5
    Chinup 3x5/Pullup 3x8
    SLDL 3x5/Leg Curls 3x8
    BB Curls 3x5/Preacher Curls 3x8
    Weighted Situps 3x5/Hanging Leg Raises 3x8
    Current 1RM's - Bench 264lbs (Target 308lbs)/Squat 396lbs (Target 352lbs)/
    Deadlift 429lbs (Target 440lbs)
    BIG 3 TOTAL at 220lbs (28% BF) = 1089lbs
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