I started lifting on Feb 1 after I recovered from hurting my back. I had had enough of being over weight and decided I was going to start moving in a better direction.

I'm 41 and I weighed 232 when I started. I'm now down to 194 and I'm ready to start adding some mass. I have been going to the gym and lifting weights while I have been working on removing the fat. My have lost 5" on my waist. Here is where I'm at:

Bench: Started at 135 and now can lift 255
Squat: Started at 125 and now can lift 225
Curls: Started at 45 and can now curl 95
Triceps: Started at 24 with pull downs and can now do 72.

This just gives you an idea of my progress. It is not much but I have come along way forward. I want to start adding some mass so here is where the question lies.

My diet is very clean and I do 1.5 hours a day of cardio. Either running or using the elliptical bike. I supplement with 100% Protein Whey. What protein mix do you suggest I use to help me move forward? I have been in GNC and looked over the selection but there are SO many to choose from. I want to start adding some mass but I do not want to negate the gains I have made with weight loss. I plan to keep my diet very clean as I move forward. Any help would be appreciated. If the forum admins feel I posted this in the wrong section, feel free to move. Was not sure.

Thanks for the help!