The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Aug 2008

    Sej' LoG of StrengTh

    Sup guys. I'm new here and hope to learn a lot from you other lifters out there. I guess you could say i consider myself a Powerlifter out of MT. I'll hopefully be going to my first meet sometime in october. I'm not sure about competing yet, but I would at least like to see how things our done.

    Also here is the Last two weeks of training. I took a break in between these two weeks, because I just got done with a twelve week cycle and I'm currently going for my second cycle.

    WEEK 11

    Augest 4, 2008 - Bench Day

    Flat Bench
    3x190 - All three on my own, but I did struggle slightly with last rep, but no help from spotter.
    1x205 - Needed slight assistance to get er up!

    Decline Bench
    2 sets of 6x55
    1 set of 6x60

    Standing DB Curls

    Tricep Pressdowns

    Ab Routine
    Carido - Running with the girly friend on her track route.

    Note: Nothing to new happened at the gym. But I was able to do all 3 reps of 190 on my own and some slight assistance from my pal on the 205. I'm also, thinking about jumping that last set of 8x155 to 160 poundage marker here in about 2 weeks or so, because its getting fairly easy now. So, other then that, were getting there guys. Thanks for taggin along!


    Augest 6, 2008

    Back Squat
    4x245 - Last rep was a little hard getting up, but got it!
    2x285 - Slight struggle coming back up on the second ReP

    Front Squat
    4 sets of 5x205 - Wanted to try something new and it worked.

    One-Arm Rows

    Reverse Hyphers
    3 sets of 10x35 lbs plate

    Ab Routine
    Cardio - Still running with the gf at night

    Note: The 4 sets of 5x205 was indeed a challenge and there wasen't to much of a struggle with it. So, I'm thinking within a months time or so, I should be able to do 4 sets of 5x225. From there, I'll work my way up!


    Augest 7, 2008 - Assitance Day

    DB Shoulder Press

    Close-Grip Bench
    3 sets of 5x155 - Easy
    1 set of 5x160 - And time for an increase next week!
    1 set of 3x165 - PwnAgE

    Cable Curls

    Dumbell Shrugs

    Ab Routine
    Cardio - Ran with the girly.

    Note: I believe its time to make some increase on weights next week. So, hopefully it will pose more of a challenge lol. Really easy day over all.


    Augest 9, 2008 - Dead Lift

    Dead Lift - Conventional
    4x235 - No strain on lower back.
    2x275 - Add Belt
    0x290 - Barely got er off the ground.
    1x290 - Full REP!
    0x305 - Didn't even budge!

    Good Mornings
    3 sets of 10x70

    Leg Curls
    10x150 - Reps 11-12 were both Failed Attempts

    Standing-Calf Raises

    Note: I think the reason the 305 dead lift attempt failed was because I made to big of a jump compared to last weeks sets up to the 300x1. But. overall a promising day!


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    Join Date
    Aug 2008
    Week 1 - Cycle 2

    Updated Stat's as of Augest 18, 2008

    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 175
    Age: 18
    Body Fat %: 11

    Flat BB Bench: 205
    Back Squat: 335x3
    Front Squat: 225x5
    BTN Push Press: 225x3
    Convential Dead Lift: 300

    Augest 18, 2008 - Squat Day

    Back Squat
    1x305 - Struggled with form
    1x315 - Struggled with form and made it half-way down and then I came up

    Front Squat
    4 sets of 5x215 - New 5x5 PR

    One-Arm Row

    Note: Decided to raise the reps to 8. That way it makes it a little more difficult.

    Reverse Hyphers
    3 sets of 10xBW

    Ab Routine
    No Cardio

    Note: I think next week the squat will come altogether. I felt a little bit drained going into this session. So, I'm sure next week will be some major improvements in form and weight increases!


    Augest 19, 2008 - Bench Day

    Flat Barbell Bench
    2x195 - Got first rep on my own. Needed help half-way up on 2
    1x210 - Got half-way up and then my spotter touched the bar! Didn't need the help either.

    Rack Bench
    1x215 - I was so gased after this. It was just to much on my body. I also noticed your able to do more alot easier then regular benching. So, thats kind of cool lol

    Note: I'm going to use the rack bench instead of BTN push presses for awhile on my assistance days. Also, I set the pins in the power rack to where i can only come down about half way. the grips the same.

    Standing DB Curls

    Two-Handed DB Skull Crushers

    Ab Routine
    No Cardio

    Note: Had to cut the session short, because I lost track of time, but next week will be a lot more oragnized and I'll be able to get more done and in a timely fashion. Also, I'm switching some of the excercizes around and changing up the routien slightly.


    Going to start off by saying this was an OVERALL BAD BAD DAY! of lifting. I'm hardcore down about how bad this session went. But here we go:

    Augest 21, 2008 - Horrible Dead LifT DaY

    Convential Dead Lift
    1x165 - Felt a Sharp Pain in my Lowerback (LB). Thought it was cause of form
    5x165 - Corrected form. Felt Fine
    1x255 - My back just gave out. I mean this hurt
    0x285 - Tried it, but couldn't budge it. Back was just murdering me

    Good Mornings
    1x85 - Made it half way and just screamed in pain.
    1x70 - Barely leaned over and the pain was doubled.

    Leg Curls
    12x100 - Felt slight pain near my tail bone and LB
    10x125 - Really, felt the pain after this. So I stopped there

    15x300 - All of these felt fine.

    Ab Routine - Attempted to start it and it wasen't happening.
    Cardio - Going running tonight if all goes well.

    Note: This day was horrible. Not to mention my week hasen't been much better to top that off. Dad's been in and out of the hospital with stint replacements in his heart and Mom's not helping the situtation WHAT so ever. I don't know its probably stress. To top all that off, having a lot of trouble with things falling through for college. BLAH bad week.Donn't know why I felt like venting a little.

    Anyways, I'm taking the rest of the week off and starting up next week.


    As stated above guys. I'm going to be taking the rest of the week off, but I will be a lot more active as of next week. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.


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