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Thread: Squats - can't reach bar behind me

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    Squats - can't reach bar behind me

    Hello, I just started lifting like a week ago for the first time in my life.
    I tried doing squats today but I found it hard to hold the bar (an olympic bar) behind my head with my hands. I had to use a very wide grip, with my hands basically right next to the discs. Even with such a wide grip I cannot get a firm hold on the bar, and I feel all contorted, with pain in my shoulders and arms, which is worsened by the weight of the bar. Basically to reach and grab the bar back there I have to really contort myself and even then i cant really fully wrap my palms around the bar, so it's actually resting on my fingers. It would be impossible for me to hold a heavy load in this stance.
    I would like to know if anyone knows what this problem might be due to (lack of flexibility or something), and if there's any solution. Also I would like to know if doing squats with the bar in front, resting on crossed arms is a practical for a beginner. Thanks in advance.
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    sounds like you mostly just need to practice it. just stretch out your arms a little more. it'll come, you can do front squats too, but it wont be working the same as the back squats, i would do them both. you might also try taking a look at sensei's squat rx videos, just search, a bunch of stuff should come up. they're amazing videos, will teach you everything you need to know about squatting.
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    Stretching would be the key I would imagine. I can barely get my hands/bar to where it needs to be on my first few sets, but once I loosen up later in the workouts I can get pretty tight (in the good way)

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    The SquatRX videos are there, watch em all, they are excellent.

    I got the idea to do dislocates before I squat from his videos and it helps me tremendously.

    Good luck.

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    Try lowering the bar on your back a bit. Also, did you bench or do any other shoulder-related exercise before hand? If you did, you may have had a "pump" which is why you couldn't reach back as far. I know because I've tried squatting after benching and it just doesn't work.

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