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Thread: "Correcting" unusual body-shape

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    Wannabebig New Member
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    "Correcting" unusual body-shape

    Hey, I hope you guys can give me some advice regarding how I should approach building muscle.

    I inherited a pear-shaped body: relatively wide hips, feminine fat deposits, the whole lot. My great uncle, as well as a few other family members, all suffered from this curse. This makes working towards the ideal male "V" shape quite difficult.

    Some stats:

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 155 lbs

    I've been lifting and bulking for nearly three months now. My progress has been appreciable. Given my shape, I have focused my efforts mainly on the upper body. While I know that exercises like squats will increase my capacity to grow, I'm afraid of my thighs growing even larger.

    With the muscle I've gained has come some fat on my thighs. So my question is this:

    What should I do to achieve the ideal male figure (or at least something close to it)? I know that you can't "get big without eating big." So what should I do to prevent simply becoming a larger, albeit more muscular pear?


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    You're pear-shaped because of the way your body stores fat. Lose weight.

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    Wannabebig New Member
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    Typically when I lose weight I just turn into a smaller "pear". My upper body is skinny already so I don't want to further exaggerate this flaw.

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    I can't picture your body-type. I consider myself thin and I'm the same height as you and 190 lbs so I'm guessing you're really thin. Maybe just bite the bullet for a few more months, eat and lift like hell then do a serious cut?

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    I know what this guy is talking about.

    Maybe it is because we are so skinny but my hip bones just go out so much farther than my rips and the rest of my body so it looks very odd.

    Also what about the area above my pecs? This is really skinny and you can see around 270 degrees of my collar bone.

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    I have sorta the same problem.

    Legs/hips disproportionately large relative to my upper body. I have wide shoulders..but my hips are just as wide and my legs looked gargantuan. Just gain weight in your upper body, and it'll slowly start going away. Doing SOLELY upper body stuff will take longer, so work in squats/DL's.
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    Bulk to 190 or so while keeping relatively lean and you'll look fine. It'll take time, but building that kind of mass will mask your proportions.

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