Whats up everyone? Thought I might start a log on here for fun. As of right now I don't have any meets planned for the rest of the year but you never know what might come up.

I am a bench only guy so don't bust my balls if I don't log my squat and deadlift work. I do them but not like I should. I compete in any fed I get a chance to lift in. I have lifted in APF/AAPF,WABDL,NASA,APA and SLP. I want to do one of Carps UPA meets next year if I get the chance. My best bench is 634.8@235 in a single Katana.

My biggest goal right now is to stay healthy. I have had some elbow issues over the last several years but I think I have found how to work around them. I plan to compete back at 220 next year. My BWT is a sloppy 230 right now. So after not much lifting for the last few months it all starts on Tuesday

Wayne Prose