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Thread: Starting from scratch... on the road to becoming an elite warrior (SEAL)

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    Starting from scratch... on the road to becoming an elite warrior (SEAL)

    So... as some may know I was out due to injury for some time, but I am back at it in full force. My shoulders are almost literally pain free and have full function once again. My hamstring is back to normal and I am just doing fine and dandy. As of today I weighed in at ~195 pounds after a 10 day fiasco vacation this past week and a half. My goal is to make it back down to 180 for various reasons that is more suited towards my goal at an endurance weenie for when I leave for BUD/S around this time next year. Currently I am logging about 20 miles of running/jogging a week and plan on increasing that to who knows... I've also been working on my combat side stroke in the pool, but could use a lot more work in the water. Also with the help of a bodybugg (just to play around with it) I will monitor my calorie expenditure +/- ~10% accuracy (supposedly) therefor I will use the # minus 10% as a more true figure.

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008


    Burned ~3550 (3200)

    Totals: 2,228 79g fat / 165g carbs / 221g protein

    ~1000 calories

    - Definitely under ate today... despite trying to get my weight down I am in no hurry and would be happy with half a pound a week.


    Currently doing a version of SS/5x5 on top of my endurance work

    Main highlights

    Squat - ATG




    CS Row



    3 sets

    - everything was fairly easy and I use the slowest/strictest form possible... I don't think I can sustain another injury and be ready in time.


    ~60 minutes incline walking
    5.0 incline / 4.0 mph

    light stretching
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