Hi I am stuck in China, Ningbo for the next 6-12 months and joined a gym. Amazingly both the main gyms in this city do not have squat racks or power cages. They do not even have a real leg press machine or calf machine. These gyms are branded Powerhouse and Weider.

Joined Powerhouse gym and though of a solution to no squat racks. I am only 1.68m so if I put the bar on the top rack of the incline bench and move the bar to the extreme right I was able to do standing militart press. The weights were actually in the middle of the bench on one side and the bar hanging of the supports at the other side. It balances very well.

Has anyone had any expereince of doing squats using an incline bench? It would be just possible to get under the bar at the side of the bench. i plan on testing this on the next leg day. Tried squating on the Smith machine and it felt so uncomfortable compared to squats.

Lots of chinese here do not train legs at all.