The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Its no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Wannabebig Member
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    Jul 2008

    1 Gallon of milk a day for strength and weight gain?

    Alright, i'm trying to gain weight to get bigger, but i really just want to focus on my arms and chest getting bigger. I know in order to do that, i need gain weight in general and it happens naturally. Although, any tips on good bicep/tricep workout routines to help me out?

    Now, i've been doing A LOT of research on everything about nutrition and found something interesting. This guy Mark Ripo--- wrote a book about Milk and how it gets you stronger and makes you gain weight quickly. You need to consume a gallon a day! He gained 28lbs in one month and increased his squat drastically. Others have increased their size as well. (This isn't a myth) I'm just very concerned about all the saturated fat in whole milk...Although...Is it really that bad for you?

    From what i have gathered and understand drinking a gallon of whole milk a day on top of your regular diet makes perfect sense to me, if you are using a strength building program, because milk is the a perfect balance of macro nutrients for muscle building.

    The protein you get from milk is Whey (fast digesting, easily utilized) and CASEIN (slow digesting, is absorbed throughout the day)

    The fat serves its purpose as a micro-nutrient delivery system (one of the main functions of lipids is to deliver vitamins/minerals to body systems) and fat also regulates "growing" hormones (i.e. testosterone, IGF-1). Males generally need 30% of their caloric intake to be from fat to have optimal hormone levels, right? The carbs from milk are mostly disachirides(sp?). Which are "complex, simple sugars"...if that makes sense. It's a simple carb that is more complex than straight glucose. Perfect for pre/post workout deliver of protein.Only thing missing are the micro-nutrients, training and recovery.

    I've read that it's not possible to gain 2-4lbs of MUSCLE in a month. The human body just can't produce it. What is possible is to gain approximately 2-6lbs of lean body mass...

    "Muscle" weight is the weight of...well, the muscle, lol. But a muscle holds water. It also holds glycogen. So LBM = muscle + water + glycogen. (Plus whatever small gains in bone/join density you gained)

    With all this said, not enough is really PROVEN to me that the saturated fat in MILK is bad...Still, me being paranoid, i feel as though i shouldn't do it...So, what i intend on doing is using Whole milk instead of the fat free i'm currently using. I'll have it with my cereal, oatmeal, and protein replacements. This will give me more calories and protein throughout the day and i would think some noticeable gains...

    What do you guys think?
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    Determined jAy_Dub's Avatar
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    All I read in that whole post was So what do you guys think?

    I think you need to stop thinking and eat some damn food.

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    Wannabebig Member
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    Seriously, i know. I am doing that, but i've done tons of research and this point especially can help other people. I've leanred a whole lot and pretty much know EXACTLY what to do. I'm just bringing up something interesting. I understand saturated fats are bad in general, but i really don't know why they are bad in milk...I'm really getting into depth now, lol.

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    Senior Member TopCat's Avatar
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    You are making this way too complicated. After a year or two of training and reading up you can concern yourself with a nit-picky question like this.

    What you need to understand right now is that you need to eat more calories than it takes to maintain your current weight (maintenance calories) to gain. Thus eat more.

    Example, let x = maintenance calories

    you need to eat > x to gain weight, eat = x to stay the same, < x to lose weight.

    As long as you get enough protein in it doesn't matter a whole lot where the rest of the calories come from, or at least not at this point in the game for you.

    It is hard to generalize a 'how much weight should I gain' type question. No matter how slow you gain, there will be fat gains. Generally the faster the more fat, but that isn't always necessarily the case. As you pointed out you will gain a lot of weight from water/food especially in the first week(s).

    P.S. if you really don't like the sat. fats just buy skim?
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    Wannabebig Member
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    Jul 2008
    Because skim doesn't have all the same macro nutrients in it. It's processed and whole milk is processed enough. Natural is generally better, but i need to know more about saturated fats in general, to figure out how bad saturated fat is in whole milk.

    I'm not dwelling on this! I understand what I need to do. As far as this thread is concerened, it's pure education. I'm just trying to widen my knowledge, that's all. If someone knows more and is willing to give me their imput. I'm done talking about what I need to do. I know how to gain weight. So, don't take this thread the wrong way!

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    Saturated fat has been falsely demonized. Don't worry about it, especially short term (you won't be on the milk forever, maybe 4-6 months), and especially at your age. Take advantage of that now.
    Here is a definitive article on fat. It's a little long, but it is ALL you need to know about fat.
    The Skinny on FAT
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    Show this post to someone who has been in the game for years, and I will show you someone who will roll their eyes and walk away.


    Drink the milk and shut up.

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    SFW! drew's Avatar
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    Yeah milk is good for gaining weight. Drink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jAy_Dub View Post
    All I read in that whole post was So what do you guys think?

    I think you need to stop thinking and eat some damn food.
    Bravo sir - bravo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z 2 8 View Post
    Alright, i'm trying to gain weight to get bigger, but i really just want to focus on my arms and chest getting bigger.
    good luck with your muscles

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    humble the proud kevowamo's Avatar
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    you say you know exactly what to do, or so you think. well dude, knowledge comes from EXPERIENCE. so try what you "know" for a little while, and learn. weightlifting and anything that has to do with human physique is trial and error. there is no way to know for sure until you try. you seem like you have a good grasp on things and that you've been researching a lot...well, go out and put it to use. come back in 6 months with some results. you seem eager to learn. train and learn then. and some advice on a real're light, dont worry about the crazy saturated fat in milk! and if you feel like it, drink SKIM!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Z 2 8 View Post
    Alright, i'm trying to gain weight to get bigger, but i really just want to focus on my arms and chest getting bigger.
    I really can't take anything you say seriously after a statement like that.

    Go drink your milk.

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