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Thread: Lower back pain

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    Lower back pain

    Is it normal to experience a little lower back pain or soreness when starting the "starting strength" program or am i squatting with poor form. I concentrate on my form very hard and I even do pre exercises in front of a wall to make sure I am doing them correctly. I am just wondering.

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    Do you squat w. a high bar or low bar position?
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    Low bar position, which is the suggested one correct?

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    Could just be weakness in the chain... especially if you are doing too much pre-exercise prep that is tiring out your lower back before you hammer it.

    Just a thought... my problem was similar and it stemmed from flexibility and mobility... added the Magnificent Mobility warm-up and things are great now, along with static stretching on off days...

    Good luck, hope you find an answer
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    I had that problem when I first started lifting. I think it was a muscle imbalance between my upper back and lower. My upper was strong and my lower was struggling threw the lifts. Its all good now.

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    Video your squats and deads and we'll take a look at them

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