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Thread: Advice needed!

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    Advice needed!

    Hi, I've been lifting weights on and off for several years now but never to a really committed level so I've never found much improvement. In the last few months I've decided to really start making the effort so have a few questions....

    Firstly, I'm looking to cut down on fat at the same time as building muscle. I only have about 6 pounds I reckon to lose but from reading advice on here about eating and training is there any point in me lifting weights while trying to lose weight?? I feel like I've been making muscle gains and losing weight but this could be deceptive I suppose. Also in a bid to lose weight is it ok to supllement several meals with low calorie protein shakes (maximuscle)? Do I still need an abundance of natural protein eg chicken and eggs?

    Next, what kind of period should I be resting between sets? For example at present I do five sets bench pressing 70kgs, 7, 6, 5, 5, 4 usually. I think I over rest between sets though as I do weights at home, is this detrimental? Also how often shoulkd I be looking to up the weight lifted?

    And lastly, I've worked on my abs for ages now with the same mixture of weight free sit ups and similar movements. It feels like this is now having little effect despite fast improvements early on. How's best to further a 'six pack', aside from the obvious weight loss?

    Thanks in advance!

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    All your questions can be easily answered by running a search and reading the articles.
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