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Thread: What weighted chins/pull ups belt should I get?

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    What weighted chins/pull ups belt should I get?

    I am thinking either of these two.

    h ttp://
    h ttps://


    h ttp://

    Money is not an issue for me so which one would be the best? The Ironmind one does not have a chain so that concerns me, but the other one might not be strong enough for me and may not be as easy to use.

    I want it to be really easy to set up between a set because I will not be wearing it between sets.

    Thank you

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    If money isn't an issue for you, I would get the ironmind weight belt plus the carabiner and loading pin. the Carabiner and loading pin make it so you can just clip on the weight real easy. Without it, the belt is still the most comfortable belt I've worn, and stronger than just about any chain belt (iI've heard of a lot of chains that have broken, the ironmind belt is suited for a 1,000 pounds). Plus the strap on the ironmind belt is adjustable, the chain isn't.
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    I use a 6 foot 3/4in. chain and carabiner, very cheap and effective.
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