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Thread: starting strength routine question

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    starting strength routine question

    do i continue with 3 sets and 5 reps for along time or can I up the reps or sets, or will this lead to over training? just wondering because I have been 5 reps and 3 sets because I didn't read it right so i just corrected myself the other day,

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    You can change the reps and sets if you like. In fact, if you're training for a sport, it's probably best to use a rep range that uses the same metabolic pathways as your sport.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorge Sanchez View Post
    if you're training for a sport, it's probably best to use a rep range that uses the same metabolic pathways as your sport.
    I completely agree with this statement. However if you are following rippetoe's program, no it is not alright to change reps and sets as you progress. Progression is shown by weight, not by reps. The idea is to up the weight each and every work-out, and when you plateau, de-load and start over. But no matter what you do, don't f' with this program. Stick with it the way it was planned/written.
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    Agree with above. Don't mess with it. Add weight, not sets or reps.
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    Twirl said it all. Also, you might read the book Starting Strength - tons of good info in it.
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