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    Geared/Raw question

    Dont worry,this is not a debate.

    Being how I made a crossover from Bodybuilding to Powerlifting training 3 years ago,I had a question.For someone like myself that doesnt know if he wants to compete in powerlifting,but does it because he enjoys the training more than bodybuilding and overall just wants to be as big and strong as possible,is there any reason to train in gear?I got totally burned out from competing in bodybuilding to the point where I didnt want to train at all.Im at a point where Im running my own business and wanting kids soon,so I dont know how much time I can dedicate to training for meets.And I would hate to ever get burned out with my training now.I love powerlifting and the westside style of training.I wish I started years ago.So anyway,just wondering if Raw training is the only way to go for me?
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