I greatly appreciate the advice that is available here and how helpful everyone is with a wide range of topics. This message board along with the folks who reside here are quite unique.

On to the thread topic. I am lifting in what is really my first meet (did one 22 years ago when I was just a punk ass teenager) on Sept 20th and what I am essentially looking for is what would you tell a buddy to expect in preparation for their first meet?

My sole focus in this meet is purely to learn and gain experience. I am not using a bench shirt or squat suit for this first meet (I have the legal equipment I need). I am going to be in the 275 open (I have 5lbs to spare so I am good there). I'll be sure to open with weights I know I can hit.

What are some of the things I need to pack in my bag?
6 hour drive - staying the night before.
7:30 weigh ins/lifting at 9:30 - breakfast timing?
How long could a meet last?
General transition time from one discipline to another (bench to squat to DL)?

I thought of a lot more questions earlier today but I can't even think straight by this point at night. Thank you guys ahead of time and I appreciate you taking the time.