I was just wondering something. Yesterday, my buddy at the gym was telling me about his friend who pulled 810 lbs. at a weight of 182 lbs. This inspired me.

See, I want to get strong, but I don't really care for gaining a ton of weight. I'm about 200 lbs. 5 lbs., and I really don't care for getting much bigger. However, I train my a** off, and I would love to be squatting 4 plates and deadlifting 5.

I know guys that are lighter then me have lifted much better numbers then that even. My question is is did they first gain a ton of weight in order to get their strength up, and then lose weight while maintaining that strength? Or did they just get really strong without having to gain weight?

Basically I just want to get as strong as possible for 200 lbs. I'm just wondering if it is an unreasonable thing to try and do - squat 405, deadlift 495, and bench 315 at 200 lbs.