Well for starters: A little background.

Name's Mike. I'm 16, 6'1", a junior in high school, and very into weightlifting. I first started working out as a little kid. Given, I'm talking stuff like 10 lb dumbbells and curls. But all my life I was very into football, strongman competitions and the likes. So i've always wanted to look big and strong, and BE big and strong.

Started seriously working out about a year ago from this point. A year ago at this time my highest bench was 185 and i weighed about 190. I got a lot bigger and stronger from there. By may of this year my bench was 280, squat 405, deadlift not sure, and clean and jerked 215. That was at about 235 lbs.

Summer killed me. I am now 250 lbs and max bench is most likely about 250 as well. Not sure about my other maxes. Needless to say, I've added lots of fat and lost muscle as well. It wasn't that i chose not to work out, but more that i couldnt. i didnt have weights and i couldnt drive, so the gym was out of the question.

Enough background. Now I'm going to discuss my goals as of now. My overall long term goal is to get back into the swing of things and be stronger than ever (and leaner too!). I hope to compete in states this year in the 238 weight class. And in order to do that, I'd like to be able to pause bench 320 and clean and jerk 250. This would get me into states.

So I want to accomplish that goal by about april next year. My short term goal, is to get back down to about 230 lbs (so i have some leaniency in my weight class) and get my bench and clean and jerk back to what they were a few months ago. I'd like to be able to bench 280 and clean and jerk 220 by the first of November.

Lately, like the past few weeks, ive gotten back into benching. Ive got 220 lbs and a crappy small bar (it works... kinda) at my house. That's what i will be using until about September 20 when i get my license. Then i will be at school in the weightroom every day. So lately ive just been benching 3 times a week. mon,wed, fri. Yes, i realize most say this is bad. But this is how i did it in football, and my bench went up 170 lbs in a year and 100 lbs in a school year.

Genetics are on my side. All of my family is big and strong. Tall, broad-shouldered and naturally big muscles. I've got a definite genetic advantage over many my size, and i must utilize this.

Well i think thats enough. My background, my goals, and my plans. I am keeping my mind open to all routines. So far ive used what knowledge i have (im not a beginner. Been reading around here for over a year) and just gone with the flow for the past month ive been back into it. When i was at school i followed a well-rounded tough workout routine that my coach gave me (and hes coached many state weightlifters).

But before i go, i must state my major weakness. Eating. Drinking. I eat often. And sometimes unhealthy. And my worst habbit is drinking. Not alcohol (although i do drink that sometimes do. i blame the irish genes, that stuffs just too good) Mountain dew and other sodas. I drink them often. More than whats healthy. And so far the hardest challenge for me as an individual is not getting myself in the weight room, but staying healthy outside of the weight room.

I hope this journal will help me straighten up and get back on the road to becoming a good weightlifter. And i really need and could appreciate any advice support or just plain inspiration you people here give me.