Hi group….first time poster.

I am 32 years old and I've evolved over the past few years from being the typical guy in the gym wasting his time with pointless exercises to someone who now takes strength training very seriously. I watched the Olympic weightlifting competitions last month and I became much more interested in learning the Olympic lifts. The closest I have come to Olympic weightlifting in the past are power cleans and front squats (which I still do - I rarely back squat). I know that the ship left the harbor long ago in terms of becoming an elite lifter in this arena, but I am always interested in anything that can increase my overall strength.

I was curious to know if there is such a thing as a blended routine involving powerlifting and an Olympic weightlifting? I researched a good bit and it seems that Olympic programs do not incorporate the bench press or the deadlift, and I would have a very hard time giving those up because I have worked so hard at them over the years. I haven't actually read this stated this directly, but I am getting that deadlifting may work against the techniques used in the Olympic lifts. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on that.

Anyway, if there are any of you who have gone through a PL/OL combo routine with any success, please let me know. It seems that if I could do both at the same time then it would be the best of both worlds in terms of increasing raw power and strength, however I know that I may have to chose one pather or the other.

Thanks in advance...