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Thread: noob question about ramping

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    noob question about ramping

    well ill just come out and ask it...what exactly does 'ramping up to a max set of 5' mean??

    in the same regard, what does ramping to the max or ramping to a triple/double mean?

    I have never heard this term before recently

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    im not really sure what it means either mate lol, but i assume it means working up to a set of 5 or else loading a bar with weights till you get to your 5 rep max, ill look forward to seeing other replies lol,


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    It means working your way up to those weights. If you're going for a max set of 5 at, say 300 lbs, you're not going to be doing a set of 5 at 290. Ramping up to a max set of 5 might look like this: 10 x bar, 10 x 135, 5 x 185, 3 x 225, 1 x 250, 5 x 300.

    Similarly, a max single/double/triple would be working up to the heaviest of 1/2/3 you can do.

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