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Thread: Chest 3x a week

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    Chest 3x a week

    Two weeks ago I finished up Chris Mason's "Up your Bench 30 lbs in 30 days" routine. This was the first routine I'd ever tried where I done bench 3x a week. I have to say that it is the best I have ever felt as far as strength and joint mobility go. I never felt overtrained, my shoulders and elbows felt great.

    After I finished the program I took a week off from chest, the next week I trained chest on Monday and Friday but was sick all week. I dont' know if it was the cold or the fact that I had taken a week off and only done chest twice that week, but I felt much weaker than I was the two weeks prior. Which brings me to raise the question whether it would do more hurt than harm to do chest 3x a week, in variation of course. Something like this:

    Monday either ME or DE flat bench
    Wednesday DE DB
    Friday ME/DE Floor Presses

    I am also trying to improve my deadlift. How many times per week would you recommend deadlifting. I went from a 405x1 a few months ago to a 405x5 last week. I have only been deadlifting once per week and making progress, but feel like I need to do more.
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    Notice the workout wasnt Chest 3 times a week but Bench. Its called that for a reason. As a powerlifter i go to the gym to train aspects of a movement not a body part. Working your pecs and training to bench are totally different Just do the 30days program again and go for some PR's through out the workout. You said you felt great. If its not broke do fix it.
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    Sheiko lifter have some good results with 3x a week benching but I'm not sur that the average Joe can take somme benefit on a long basis

    Anyway it's a great way to kickstart your bench I think
    500lbs bench, here I come!!!

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    so did you notice a signifigant difference in your bench after your 30 days?
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    Ryna Kennelly doesn't bench 3x a week. Scot Mendelson doesn't bench 3x a week. This was a program to jumpstart your bench. There is no way anyone can keep this up over time.

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    Yep, the program is designed as a 30 day one of specialization. In theory you could bench 3x per week over time so long as you varied intensity and volume, but I really think there are better long term ways to skin the cat.

    So, I suggest you give the program a run and then return to a Westside template for 3-4 months and then run the program again etc.

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