I know its long, but i think its worth reading

Ok i had the weirded dream last night. Im pretty sure the ideals of it were sparked on by the Fox special "The Corruption of the American Child" i had just finished watching before i went to bed. First to give you some background on the show. The show had videos, stats, etc etc on all the immoral and animalistic things children and teens do. I.E. the sex, drinking, cheating on tests, drugs, and pornography. It stated that about 90% of modern day boys have seen pornography on the internet of television by the time their 7 years old. It also had a short video clip of booty dancing. the thing was the dancers were about 13-15 years old, and it was pretty bad, i know how badly sex can corrupt a mind, i was a sex FREAK! when i was around 13, those problems still havent completely worn off. Also that 70% of students k-12 cheat with no regard to being caught, or the immorality of cheating. There was an hour of just straight facts like this. It also had a thing about how parents influence bad behavior by how alot of them act at their childrens sports games. ok so heres my dream. and if you know anything about me youd know that i can remember entire conversations between 2 people. short term memory though. my dream started and i was sitting in my World History class and my teacher Mr. Cooper was giving lecture. One thing i like about this man is that he thinks like me, he has an analytical mind and he sees life from a 3rd person perspective. And anyways, i forget exactly what he was talking about but he asked

MR C:"What seperates man from animal?"
(i raised my hand, he nods at me and i say)
TYLER: The belief and fear of God does.
MR C: No the ability the think and rationalize does.
TYLER: But all animals can think on some level, and smart animals show signs of rationalization, like when dogs know what time they're going to be fed, there has to be some thought behind that.
MR C: Exactly, the level of rationalization is so incredibly different, thats what seperates us
TYLER: People would act like animals, and have little to no society if there was no idea of a God and salvation. These ideas put the ideas of morality and structure into our ancestors.
MR C: People wouldnt act like animals.
TYLER: Prehistoric times, how do you think people acted? Like smart animals. "Cave men" didnt have society, they didnt have the ideas of morals, but they knew how to survive and fill their instinctal needs.
MR C: What needs are those?
TYLER: The needs to eat, sleep, survive, and procreate.
MR C: But modern people dont live off of those needs, they have other needs like shelter
TYLER: Getting a job to pay for your house is the instinct of survival. People follow society because thats the only way to survival. Thats why humans are so smart. They can adapt to such complex situations, such as romance, and society.
MR C: What are you saying, that people are simple minded, and all their ideals branch off the need to eat, sleep, survive, and procreate?
TYLER: Exactly, so what seperates a man at his office job, with a monkey swinging in the trees looking for fruit? Society was built on the only thing that animals dont have. God.
MR C: Most people dont beleive in God, and have no morals because of that, so why do people still function in society?
TYLER: They have to. They dont know how to go find food, so theyd know theyd have to get a job. Plus procreation. Every man knows hes not going to have sex if hes off in the middle of no were searching alone for food all day. Women are in society, so men stay in society. and visa versa.
MR C: Then why do most people have morals?
TYLER: Morals are slowing deteriorating. People are not made to have morals. Also the idea of God is slowly leaving the society. This too is because God is not something the animal mind is meant to have.
MR C: So your saying as time passes people will get less and less moral?
TYLER: Of course, look at your father, and our great grandfathers. they had so many more morals than the average child does today. Most people of future generations knew that they had personal responsbility to family and country. How many draft dodgers were there of WW2, and how many draft dodgers were there on Nom?
MR C: So what do you think is going to happen to people in the next few hundred years?
TYLER: well its probably going to take hundreds and hundreds of years for morals to deteriorate to were the economy and society is hurt. But there will be noticable changes in every generation.
MR C: So how are men different then monkeys?
TYLER: The only difference i see is that there in a different environment. the mind is created and molded by its environment but its all molded using the same clay.
MR C: That doesnt answer the question.
TYLER: The human mind is smarter than the monkeys. which in my opinion just means people can be more civilized then monkeys, or less civilized. they can do alot more harmful things to get their way, and they can do alot more kind things to get their way. The ideas of modern religon Implanted all the ideas of civilization, not consciencely, but subconsciencely. In my opinion the human mind is most affected subconcsciencely, because it cant make a conscience will to change, unless it sees things from third person, which very very few people can do.
(then i woke up)

I know its long and your probably lost, and your probably curious why im posting this on a bodybuilding site....lol...i have no friends to talk to ask me questions and ill answer em as soon as i can