I just joined up with the Iron Raider Powerlifting team at Texas Tech, and I'm looking to get back into powerlifting hardcore again. We compete in NASA and USAPL events (collegiates of course), and I plan to hit a meet full song in February.

I have a Titan F6... can't remember the exact size... maybe a 46. My chest is around a 46 so it's farely loose. I have only attempted to use this shirt 4 times or so, all with no success. (note: all these attempts were over a year ago) I have also watched everything I could on benching in the shirt, how to put on the shirt, etc.

I was told recently that Inzer's Phenom is more of an elbows out type shirt unlike the Rage X... so then it hit me. Maybe I'm using the wrong type of shirt for my benching style? I'm more of an elbows out bencher anyway, and would benefit more from a shirt that put pressure laterally across the chest to the shoulders.

Is the Phenom the shirt I'm looking for, or should I be looking elsewhere? I plan on getting in my F6 a few more times soon just to get the feel of the shirt a little more before deciding.

All input is welcome.