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Thread: Gaining mass without a bar

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    Gaining mass without a bar

    Hi, im just starting on a mass gaining workout. Im 6ft and weigh about 130lbs so ive finally decided that i need to start piling on some pounds. Anyway, ive just started uni and my halls have a gym which im going to use. Only problem is there is no bar or rack. There are benches with dumbbells however. Basically i wanted to know if theres anyway i can do squats and deadlifts without the use of a bar? Or if theres anything similar i can do?

    My routine so far is :

    Chest Tris Shoulders
    Flat dumbbell press
    Incline dumbbell flyes
    Shoulder press (With dumbbells obviously)
    Tricep pushdowns

    All the leg machines

    Back Biceps
    One arm rows
    Lat bar pull down
    Seated cable row
    Incline dumbbell curls
    Forearm curl

    How does that look?

    Any help would be great, i realise that squats and deadlifts are VERY important for gaining mass.


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    It's better then nothing, but at some point, if you want to get serious, you are going to have to join a new gym that has all the proper equipment.

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    I know i realise this, and i did seriously consider it. But i figured, im only here for a year and i cant afford to spare the money so i may as well use what i have for now. Tbh im not looking to become a bodybuilder as it were, i just want to eventually gain maybe around 40lbs and then sustain that.

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    You can definitely have a decent workout and put on weight using the equipment they have at the school. As implied earlier you will be limited with what you can do by the equipment available. However, to some degree, you can still do most lifts with dumbbells that you might use a barbell for (bench, press, squats, even deads). The effectiveness of using dumbbells will depend much on how high they go in weight. After a while you obviously will be able to lift more and their use will be limited more. Of course gaining weight, as you probably already know, requires a good eating regimen as well so don't slack there. If the opportunity arises where you have access to more equipment or you fall into some cash, go check out a gym close by.

    I was in a similar situation as you with height and weight, guess I still am kinda. Before I started to do something about my weight I was 130 lbs. I worked out off and on and was able to put on a few pounds but never really stuck with any routine for too long cause I didn't see any significant, constant gains. That's because I didn't know anything about proper diet at the time. I got back into lifting about four years ago and put on about 20 lbs but then got sick for a couple of months and that was the end of that. Got out of any routine and lost most of the weight I put on. Some time went by and I decided this is something you do for good and I don't want to be this way the rest of my life, I want something different. So I got back into lifting at the beginning of this year and there is no turning back. Best thing I did for motivation was to start a journal and write down what you do. Not only can you track your progress but others can read it to which is good for encouragement, critique, advise, and support. Plus knowing that others may be reading it keeps me motivated to not slack off. Good luck with your goals.
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