Hi, im just starting on a mass gaining workout. Im 6ft and weigh about 130lbs so ive finally decided that i need to start piling on some pounds. Anyway, ive just started uni and my halls have a gym which im going to use. Only problem is there is no bar or rack. There are benches with dumbbells however. Basically i wanted to know if theres anyway i can do squats and deadlifts without the use of a bar? Or if theres anything similar i can do?

My routine so far is :

Chest Tris Shoulders
Flat dumbbell press
Incline dumbbell flyes
Shoulder press (With dumbbells obviously)
Tricep pushdowns

All the leg machines

Back Biceps
One arm rows
Lat bar pull down
Seated cable row
Incline dumbbell curls
Forearm curl

How does that look?

Any help would be great, i realise that squats and deadlifts are VERY important for gaining mass.