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Thread: Weak Shoulder Press

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    Weak Shoulder Press

    I've been doing Bill Starr's 5x5 program for a couple months and I am using the excel spread sheet to calculate what weight I should be doing each session.

    So far the program has been great and given me alot of good gains in the big lifts.

    However, my shoulder press just isn't budging at all. Same weight every week and I struggle to get it up. It seems out of proportion to my other lifts.

    Anyone else have a similar problem? I realize press is supposed to gain slower than the other compounds, but its getting frustrating being stuck at the same weight for weeks.

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    How long has it been since your last break?

    How many reps are you getting with this weight?

    I'm getting to this point now in my 5x5 shoulder press, 170 seemed very hard last time but I'm sure I'll get it this week. My bench was stuck for weeks before too. Eventually I got through, be it from a break or from eating more.
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