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Thread: How much weight

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    How much weight

    if i bench 185 what weight should i use on my reps and what kinda sets should i do?
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    I don't understand your question.

    What does the rest of your workout look like?
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    A bit hard to answer, but how many reps do you want to do in your sets? Depending, then I'd guess 155-175, but you have to figure that one out, not us.

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    I believe I was repping 150-160 when I could bench 185-190.
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    its about feel more then anything, you should lift the bar off the rack and know by the feel of it whether it is too heavy etc, there are also some calculators out there that may benefit you.

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    Try 80%. If you can get to your desired set/rep scheme using 80% then add more weight or set/reps depending on your goals.
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