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Thread: what is this?

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    what is this?

    Today was my upper body day and I was doing bicep curls 8/8/10 at 30 lbs. I'm on my third set and try to do my 7th rep. I get the dumbell half way up and it sticks so I put everything into lifting it up and my arm goes down. It's like my arm just gave up on me. What is this/why does it happen? Keep in mind I'm new to weight lifting altogether.

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    ur not a machine bro ur muscles get tired/give up. today was my bench day I did a 8x4. After my last rep i wanted to push one more just to see and i just couldnt... i was just too tired.
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    That sounds like a phenomenon known as failure. Basically, you pushed your muscles to the point where they could not perform another rep.

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    You'll get used to it as you lift more, your muscles just quit, you hit the "I'm done" wall.
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