Im startin the 5/3/1 tomorrow.Heres my setup..

Day 1 Bench,Inclines,Dips,Rows/pulldowns
Day 2 Deadlifts,Hypers,Biceps,ab's
Day 3 Military(strict/standing),Upright rows,Skullcrushers
Day 4 Squats,RDL's,Pullthroughs,Abs
* conditioning 3-4 times a week (20-30 min)

5/3/1 applies to the main lifts only.Assistance work is in the 3-4 sets,10-12 rep range.Ab's a little higher of course.I will mix it up as I feel.I took my one rep maxes and dropped them quite a bit for my percentages.That seems to be the consensus.The goal here is to get stronger over a longer period of time.Im pretty pumped to get this started.