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Thread: Routine dillema!

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    Routine dillema!

    My problem is ive never ever stuck to a routine ive always just made sure i did all body parts in any order every week and had all the gd exercises in there, since i started lifting 2 yrs ago, and ive had some decent progress but now my progress is dead. So ive decided im actually going to make a routine and see if that helps.

    I looked at WBB 1.1 but isnt this more of a beginners routine? but theres a few exercises in there i have never done which i could benefit from... ive just centered my workouts around doing the big 3... but maybe its time i started good mornings and snatchs etc etc... Goals are to bulk but slowly for the next 90 days up to 210lbs. I am also for the first time ever going to get a proper amount of protein, not 1g / kg bw but 1g / lb bw... which should make a difference and actually drinking my PWO shake straight after my last set.

    so suggestions? i want something very hardcore! i dont want to be able to walk to the car on lower body days and be able to reach for the door handle on upper body days lol.......

    im 6'2 and around 180lbs...
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