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Thread: Best News Ever!!!

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    Best News Ever!!!

    So as many of you know I have recently broken a finger on each hand. This was a drag... I was outta comission for about 10 weeks total and since August 25th I have been lifting. On July 7th, when I broke my fingers, I was 215lbs at about 15-17% bf. August 25th I was 205 and 18-19%. Bummer, but all I did was sit on my ass doped up. Today the doc said to forget the dressings and start doing everything to the extent that it hurts to a level 5-8 of 10. Yahoo! This isnt even the best news.

    Today I am 207 (1 week ago was 206 and the week before 205 and before 204) and 13-14% bf. WTF? How did that happen? I gained weight and lost body fat!!??!?? The oddest part is this was my split for the first couuple or 3 weeks:

    Squat 5x5
    Hyper Extension w/ BB

    Squat 4x8
    5x20 KB swings w/ 30lb bell

    Squat 5x5
    Hypet Ext w/ BB
    20 Rep Squats.

    Since then it was this:--------------------------

    Squat 5x5
    BO Row w/ straps- Hard muscle contraction and concentration
    Incline Bench
    PVC Pipe CnJ and Snatch...ugh...

    Squat 4x8
    Hyper Ext w/ BB 5x3
    5x20 KB swings w/ 30 lb bell
    DE Squat

    ME Squat 5x3-1 RM
    20 rep squat
    Pullups with wrist straps
    Push Press

    Just started Plyo/HIIT/SS cardio yesterday.

    I am eating 2400-2450 cals a day with about 250g of protein. I dont know the rest of my macros but I eat clean (90% of the time) and carb load for workouts and generally keep them low otherwise. I must say, that the Atlarge products made it easy to keep my diet in check. My supplementation was Nitrean, Opticen, Fish Oil, Multivitamin, creatine 500, and on workout days 16oz of yerba mate / rooibis tea (for a more mild thermogenic effect than that of green tea and the benefits of the antioxidant rich tea leaves) mixed with two packs of sugar.

    My 1RM Full Squat as of recent friday was 275 and I had a lot more to give so Im ready to get after it this Friday. My 20 rep squat is at 155

    Today I did this:
    Full Squat
    5x bar
    5x 175
    5x 195
    2x 5x 225
    3x 245 Nice!
    5 x 225

    Anyway, I just thought Id share some pretty cool results with you guys and maybe gain some insight to the phsyiology of what exactly happened and how because I dont really understand the specifics. Is this just a lucky result of being off for a long time? Could it be just the perfect mix of rest, splt,diet, ? Anyone?

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    Sweet deal. You'll be smashing PRs in no time.

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    That's good to hear man,

    Can I ask what you ate while you weren't working out? that's a pretty good amount of weight retained for not lifting at all.

    Did you eat maintenance? slightly under?
    Now: 18, 6"1', 208 Lbs.

    Bench 215x1
    Dead 375x1
    Squat (ATF) 300x1

    Start: June 07, ~160 Lbs.

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    yep, 200 calories below maintaince. high protein, low carb
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