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My Grand for A Grand Challenge

This is an open challenge to anyone in the strength, fitness or just in the regular world. Be the first person to duplicate or beat my 1,000lb bottom position squat and Iíll give you $1,000 dollars.

Iíve debated on sending out this challenge for a while. Got advice from close friends on both directions, but I decided that it was something I wanted to do and something that I would respect of other people. You see I think that if you say you can do something then you ought to have the guts to put something behind it. Similarly if you donít then maybe you should shut up about it. So in the tradition of the old time strongmen, I challenge anybody in the world to duplicate or beat my 1,000lb bottom position squat.

Iíll make it very simple. You have to start at parallel, bar sitting on the pins of a rack and using a belt only, stand all the way up with 1,000lbs. I donít care what you weigh. I donít care what kind of plate, bar or rack you use, as long as it adds up to 1,000lbs. I donít care how ugly the lift is as long as nobody else touches you. Before you do the lift take a picture of your starting position from the side and send it to me. Weíll arrange for an independent person to witness and verify the starting height and relative authenticity of the plates and that you only use a belt. Then video tape the lift. For now, weíll set a preliminary cut off date of May 1, 2006. Thatíll give you 16 weeks to start with, more than the length of the average powerlifting cycle.

My only other condition is that you take a drug test and prove that youíre lifetime drug free. I know lots of guys who take roids and this is not a personal slap against them, but I do think it is wrong and does discount your lift. Again this is not meant to personally insult anyone, nor is this challenge. But this is my challenge and if you want to take it up you have to play by my rules. That means no drugs and if you do it Iíll give you $1,000.00.

When you open up to do something public like post a video of yourself performing a lift, you open up to a great deal of idiotic criticism. Thatís fine and I expect it. People have variously suggested all kinds of things about me and the lift that I have on my website, because itís easy to say anything about anyone behind a computer screen. One of the things thatís been said is that any big time lifter could duplicate the lift with little trouble. WellÖ hereís their chance. If they can Iíd be more than happy to see it. Iím even allowing for training time, even though the opinion seems to be among several mouthy critics that they wouldnít need it. Notice I said critics, because I have found almost universally that truly strong, hard training people are respectful and usually quite pleasant.

Iím willing to do something that almost no one else is willing to do. I believe in my training techniques enough that Iím putting money on the line to see if theyíre the best. Who else is willing to do that?

If as people have suggested that itís no big deal, then it ought to be easy for someone to walk up and take that money. All you gotta make is one lift.

People are going to say all kinds of stuff about this. Thatís fine. Let me tell you some of why Iím doing this. Because I honestly want to see if anyone else can do it, not to stroke my own ego. Because I think it is the most legitimate way to squat regardless of what anybody elseís rules or competitive organization says. Because I donít think competition would legitimize a lift or settle any kind of controversy. Because I want people to see that true drug free heavy lifting DOES exist. Because I also want people to see that you donít have to have on double suits and wraps to squat heavy. Because I donít normally acknowledge critics and I wonít acknowledge them on this, but this is my answer.

I hope that someone takes up the challenge. I think itíll be great for real lifting! Even though people have said some pretty nasty stuff about me, this is not intended to be disrespectful towards anyone, but as a challenge to bolster the strength world. Most of you reading this have probably seen the footage of this lift, if not itís on the front page of the website

God bless and hope you all have a great new year.

Bud Jeffries

i don't really care about how $1,000 is not a lot of money, etc.

who do you guys think could do this? i need some time to think on this, but one person comes to mind who i think could come close right off the top of my head, James "Pitbull" Searcy. i've never seen raw strength like that guys before.