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Thread: Best Deadlift Suit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by minotaur70 View Post
    I deadlift conventional and have deadlifted in a inzer hardcore, titan centurian, metal deadlifter and metal viking deadlifter.

    I found the inzer ok, but didn't get a lot from it- the titan had great pop off the floor, but I found it hard to get into position and I seemed to get jammed up in lockout with a rounded back (I think because my starting position was off). The metal suits are fantastic- both were great, but the viking was/is awesome. Seems to give support right through the lift.
    I am right there with you...the most i got from my Inzer over raw was around20lbs. The most i got from my Titan was around 50lbs and that was after a fighting with it a few times to go down and grab the bar (i had to do it with no belt) one day i will try it with the belt and see how much i get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGT ROCK View Post
    Im still testing each week bros. It is a very long and hard process to help create a new dl suit, something I do have some experience with. Once it gets completed expect an entire article devoted to DL gear, how and when to use it, and most importantly, which suit works best for each style and that is also legal in the federation in which you want to compete. My training partners can vouch for the effectiveness of these suits, you cant reinvent the wheel but you certainly can help better what is already in place.

    Semper Fi

    Where can i find this article?!?!?

    Please direct me or give me a link.

    Thanks a whole bunch.

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    i pull in the metal ace squater and wear an old marathon squat suit as briefs underneath. this has worked better for me than the king dead lift suit.

    i have also tried to pull in the titan boss suit. no good for myself, just cant get in the right starting position

    the other wk, i forgot my ace suit for deadlift day and just had the marathon suit, i used it and hit a pr of 585x8. the suit is from about 1993 and still has life beyond comprehension. it very well may be the best suit to pull in ever if you can find one especially if you lift single ply.

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    Titan Velocity baby!!! I get at least 40-50 lbs. out of it (conv.)... Very good pop off the floor!

    Mine is very tight/ stiff though, so sometimes I lose my air if I dont get to the bar fast enough.

    On a side note, from the looks of this theard, sounds like the "Metal" suits kick a**... Gotta give them a try!
    BTW, Sgt Rock... "Hoo Rahh" jar head!

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    Hey Brent! I've used the Inzer Max DL, The original Titan conventional DL suit, and a Titan centurion squat suit. This past year I've used the Titan Velocity (got one with reg. straps and one with Aplix adjustable). It is my favorite suit yet! The weight flys up very fast and gives me a fighting chance to get to lockout before my left hand rolls out (the bad one). Unless you have to travel a long way down to the bar I'd get it a size or 2 small. It's got some spring to in like people tell me the old Marothons had. I wear 50 Centurion and a 52 Boss. I wear a 46 Velocity and can get to the bar in good form. Good luck in your future meets!

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    I looked on Ken Anderson's website and the Velocity isn't listed. Where can you get one? Titan's website also doesn't list it.

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    I pull in a Inzer Max DL, and I have to say it is the best I have used yet. I get around 50-60lbs out of it with a sumo stance, using it along with briefs. I have also used a Z-Suit, Champion suit and a Fusion. I could never get the right fit on the Fusion and the Z-Suit and Champion suit were OK but the straps really dug into my shoulders.
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    ive only used inzer max deadlift and the inzer fusion, i can only use the max deadlift with no briefs.

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    I pull conventional and have pulled in a Z-Suit, Inzer Max DL, BOSS(tried it only once), Metal Pro Deadlifter, and Metal King Pro Deadlifter. The Metal King Pro is by far the best suit i have used. I get about 80-100lbs out of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinsell View Post
    I looked on Ken Anderson's website and the Velocity isn't listed. Where can you get one? Titan's website also doesn't list it.
    Just give him (Ken)a call and order via phone... His website dosent always list everything he has available.

    Its better that way believe me... Just give him your measurements and he'll do the rest. Very cool guy!


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