I have been working very hard, contacting some of the best dlers in the world and have done alot of research. This article more aimed at the advanced dler, not a beginner. It will break down everything from percentages to assistance work, with some pretty cool pictures as well. If you want to increase your dl, and have some back development worth bragging about, please give it a read. It will be posted here thanks to Chris working so hard to make this article a good read, without him I could never have finished it. We are on the very last steps on making it a done deal. I really hope I can help out as many as possible with this article. So much is written on the other lifts I felt it way overdue to have an article to focus on the DL. FYI in this routine you will put the squat on the back burner to totally focus on the pull. SO many routines have you squat so much and pull only every few weeks, its time to have an article that focuses on the only lift that has maintained its blue collar roots, where gear matters little, where there is absolutely no way to cheat, and where the records have gone up very little over the year. The true MANS LIFT as quoted in Iron Man mag from years back....the DEADLIFT. This will be a two or three part series, next part will be on gear, an in depth article that I can guarantee is the MOST IN DEPTH ARTICLE EVER ON DEADLIFT GEAR. STAY TUNED.

Semper Fi