A Crossfit gym opened up in my city recently (within the last 6 months I believe) and a couple of guys that I work with started training with them about a month ago. Before they joined they asked me if I knew anything about it and if it would be good for them. I had read the website, and checked the W.O.D on occasion but I had never done any myself. Considering their goals I said yeah, Crossfit would be a good way to train.

So, they've been going at lunch and coming back beat up as hell. Half the time they don't even finish the workouts. So they finally talked me in to coming for a session to see what it's really like. I was doing a 'deload' week from my powerlifting training before starting a new program anyway...

The day that I went we did 3 rounds for time of:

800m run
50 GM's with 45lbs
50 situps (full situps on an 'abmat')

I finished in about 29min 15seconds I think. I finished second in the group that I was with. Even though I feel I did pretty well it kicked my @$$!!!

I haven't run seriously in more than a year and a half. The 800m runs don't sound like much but by the end of each I felt like I was going to die. The GMs were easy for me and were more of a 'dynamic rest' than anything. I haven't done a full situp in a LONG time, so the situps were pretty tough. I usually just do crunches or any number of other ab exercises.

Anyway, the conclusion is, Crossfit kicked my ass. It definitely wouldn't fit with my powerlifting training but if I were just training for general fitness, weight loss, etc. then I would definitely be doing Crossfit.

If you've been thinking about checking it out, DO IT! I had a lot of fun during the workout, and at least at the gym that I went to, the atmosphere was great! The people were very friendly and there was a 'friendly competitive' environment. Everyone was pushing themselves to win, while at the same time cheering on all the other people.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Crossfit experience!