I`m losing about an lb a week.

what i do now is
db flat bench press 3 sets
Dips 2 sets
skulls OR pulley tricep pushdowns 2 sets
barbell curls 2 sets
db hammer curls 2 sets
Static holds 20 seconds 3 sets

smith squat (no rack ) 3 sets
single legged leg extensions 2 sets
leg curls 2 sets
single legged bodyweight calf raises 3 sets
weighted crunches 3 sets

Back day A
Deadlift 3 sets
pullups 2 sets
seated rows 2 sets
shrugs 1 set
db OH press 3 sets
db side raises 2 sets
side bends 2 sets

back day b
pullups 3 sets
db rows 2 sets
OH press 3 sets
side raises 2 sets
shrugs 2 sets
side bends 2 sets

I alternate back day a and b, doing one of them each week.

My cardio consists of very regular basketball. now that the weather is clearing up i do it all the time. really no use getting on some stationary.

any comments/suggestions are welcome.
I work in rep ranges:
8 for most
15-20 for squats
10-12 for deads
10-12 for calves
10-12 for side bends
10-12 for abs