Its been a slow semester, it has been since december since I have seriously lifted.
Current stats: 5'11" 215, roughly 12-15% bodyfat. Can see my abs, but not extremely well, so not sure...
Goals are for before fall semester (mid-August)
Goals: 220 and single digit bodyfat %.
Chest- Flat Bench: 295 x 6-8
Incline DB's: 130's x 6-8
Back- Hammer Pulldowns: 320 x 6-8
Pullups: 25 x bodyweight
Shoulders- DB press: 115's x 6-8
BB Shrugs: 495 x 6-8
Triceps- Weighted Dips: Bodyweight + 125 DB x 6-8
Biceps- Barbell Curls: 155 x 6-8
Calves- Seated calf raise: 405 x 10-12
Quads- To be able to lift on them again because I blew out my knee.

Measurement Goals: Arms- 19.5"
Waist- 31"
Calves- 19.5"
Forearms- 16"